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Welcome to the [|] fossil repositories page. This is the home of several [|Fossil] source code repositories for [|Stephan Beal's] pet programming projects. Some are experimental projects, probably not of interest to the average coder. Some of them are "maintained" code, however, which i use in other projects and do in fact update from time to time.

<strong>See also:</strong> [|the project wiki collection]. As of March 2012 most project wikis are being migrated to fossil-based wikis with a custom front-end.

The repositories are listed below in alphabetical order. The asterisks next to each repository name mean:

  *  <tt>(*)</tt> = Highly experimental, unmaintained, or not intended to be a stable/public project. These are often incubation grounds or mini-libraries which i occasionally import into other source trees.
  *  <tt>(**)</tt> = Maintained/active code, possibly interesting for certain clients. (It might not be maintained <em>often</em>, but is updated from time to time.)
  *  <tt>(***)</tt> = Code which i actively maintain and use in other client applications, and considered safe for use by arbitrary clients.

Occasionally the more active projects dveloped by [|programmers] are moved to "more capable" source repositories like [|Google Code], but the new location will be listed on the project's repository page (just follow the links below).

The repositories are:

  *  [|c11n] <tt>(**)</tt> - an experimental serialization library for C, based on the principals of [|libs11n].
  *  [|c-snippets] <tt>(*)</tt> - my dropping-ground for C code which has no other home. Some of the other libraries here are refinements of this code.
  *  [|cpdo] <tt>(**)</tt> - a database access abstraction API for C, modeled heavily after the PHP PDO API.
  *  [|cson] <tt>(***)</tt> - an object-oriented C library for generating and consuming JSON data.
  *  [|cwal] <tt>(***)</tt> - an experimental scripting-engine and garbage collector.
  *  [|felta] <tt>(**)</tt> - a C library version of the delta-generation routines from the Fossil SCM.
  *  [|libfossil] <tt>(***)</tt> - a C library API port of the [|Fossil SCM].
  *  [|nosjob] <tt>(**)</tt> - a C++ library for creating and consuming JSON data.
  *  [|parse0x] <tt>(**)</tt> - a Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) toolkit written for C++0x (albeit long before it was standardized!).
  *  [|parsepp] <tt>(**)</tt> - a Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) toolkit for modern C++ compilers (not C++0x).
  *  [|pegc] <tt>(**)</tt> - And yet another PEG library, but this one is implemented in C.
  *  [|sigslot] <tt>(**)</tt> - a collection of various Signals and Slots implementations in C++.
  *  [|sqlite-stuff] <tt>(**)</tt> - a collection of "stuff" for [|sqlite], e.g. several C++ wrappers.
  *  [|th1-sgb] <tt>(*)</tt> - a C library version of the TH1 scripting language from the Fossil SCM.
  *  [|whalloc] <tt>(*)</tt> - a C library providing several custom memory allocators.
  *  [|whbst] <tt>(*)</tt> - a binary search tree API for C.
  *  [|whdbg] <tt>(*)</tt> - a very simple C library for adding runtime-configurable debugging output to an application.
  *  [|whgc] <tt>(*)</tt> - a collection of simple garbage collection APIs for C.
  *  [|whiki] <tt>(**)</tt> - A CGI-and-JSON-based wiki system. Based on cson and cpdo (see links above).
  *  [|whio] <tt>(**)</tt> - a generic i/o-device library for C. Provides implementations for FILE and in-memory back-ends, and can be extended to wrap arbitrary i/o device types which support random access.
  *  [|whprintf] <tt>(***)</tt> - a generic printf()-like implementation which can send its output to arbitrary destinations (e.g. GUI widget, file, or a memory buffer) via a callback function. Probably my single most-re-used library.
  *  [|whsha1] <tt>(**)</tt> - a small, easy-to-use SHA1 hashing library for C.
  *  [|whuuid] <tt>(**)</tt> - a tiny C library for generating random UUIDs.

<b>Generic download instructions</b> for fossil repositories can be found on [download|the downloads page].
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