Generic instructions for downloading from Fossil repositories

There are several options for downloading software from this server...

Option One: downloading a Zip file

The first is to log in as the anonymous user and follow the /leaves link. Then find the top-most entry and click that. From there, you can download a zip file containing the latest checked-in source code. Logging in is required to avoid that bots download every revision of the source tree as a complete zip (basically bandwidth theft, though unwittingly).

Option Two: prepared downloadable files

Some repositories on this server have downloadable files available under However, i don't update those all that often - the repos are always newer.

Option Three: clone the repo with fossil

Optionally, you can use fossil to download the repo, as shown in this example:

fossil clone pegc.fsl

(All on one line.)

If you get an authorization error when doing so, please contact me and i will fix the error (clone access for guest users has to be turned on for each repo, and i don't always remember to do it when adding repos).

That will create a local copy of the repository, which can then be opened with:

~> mkdir pegc
~> cd pegc
~> fossil open ../pegc.fsl

That checks out the files under the current directory. Once the repo is cloned, "fossil pull" can later be used to pull in the latest changes and "fossil update" applies the "pulled" changes to the locally checked-out copy.