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This page is a [http://www.fossil-scm.org/|Fossil] source code repository
for my collection of C snippets. It's not really a library, but a collection
of (partially experimental) stuff. This site is mainly an experiment to try out the Fossil source control system. Fossil is still quite young and has a couple bugs and missing features, so don't expect everything on this site to work.

<h2>Code includes...</h2>

The code includes a small collection of relatively portable, mostly standlone pieces of C code for doing things like:

<li>Managing dynamically-growing strings or blobs.
See [clob|the clob page].
<li>A versatile printf replacement which can append its output to arbitrary
channels, e.g. those dynamically-growing strings or blobs.
See [vappendf|the vappendf page].
<li>Convenient tokenizing of path-like strings.
See [/finfo/tokenize_path.c|tokenize_path.c].
<li>A [Toekin|generic tokenizer] geared towards script-like grammars.</li>

All of this code is released into the Public Domain.

<h2>Downloading this code</h2>

There are two options for downloading. The first is to log in
as the anonymous use and follow the [/leaves] [http://www.fixithere.net/sky-customer-service/ | link]. Then
find the top-most entry and click that. From there,
you can download a zip file containing the latest checked-in source
code. Versions of Fossil older than 8 February 2008 will create a zip which unpacks to the current directory, so be sure to first create and 'cd' to the proper target directory before unzipping.

Optionally, you can use fossil:

~> fossil clone \
   http://anonymous:anonymous@fossil.wanderinghorse.net/repos/c-snippets/index.cgi \

(All on one line.)

That will copy the repository to sigslot.fsl, which you can then open with:

~> mkdir csnips
~> cd csnips
~> fossil open ../csnips.fsl

That checks out the files under the current dir. A Makefile for GNU Make is included, and the snippets should be buildable on nearly any platform.


If you are interesting in contributing to this code, there are several options:

<li>Send me a patch or code snippet (need not be in "patch" format if it's easy enough to handle).</li>
<li>[http://wanderinghorse.net/home/stephan/ | Get in touch with me] and we can get you set up with write access to this repo (requires the Fossil tool).</li>
<li>Just send me an idea of what it is you'd like to see changed/fixed/added. Oftentimes a simple suggestion is a great catalyst for a feature.</li>
<li>[http://www.keenesystems.com/HireAspnetProgrammer.aspx | Hire Asp.net Programmer]</li></ul>

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