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This is the README for the c11n project.

c11n is a "little brother" of libs11n (http://s11n.net) providing
flexible support for serializing a wide variety of C data types.

Build and installation instructions are given below, but for
other information about c11n, please visit the c11n home page:



To build c11n simply:

   ~> ./configure
   ~> make
   ~> make install

The configure script takes many options, the most common of which is
--prefix=/some/path to install it under a certain path. (e.g. i always
use --prefix=$HOME)

There are some c11n applications under src/client/..., so one may play
with it before deciding whether to install it.

The installation will install:

- header files under PREFIX/include/s11n.net/c11n.

- library file(s) under PREFIX/lib.

- The c11nconvert binary under PREFIX/bin and its man
page under PREFIX/man/man1.

- Doxygen-generated API documentation (if doxygen is found by
the configure script) under PREFIX/share/doc/libc11n.

Running 'make uninstall' "should" remove it all.


The source tree should be easily portable to build environments other
than its "native" one. Here's an overview of where everything is:

Header files are under:


Sources are all under src/ and are broken down like so:

	src/detail/ = utility code for use inside c11n but not
	necessarily by client code

	src/c11n  = the core library

	src/io    = the i/o module and implementations for specific
	stream and format handlers. Some are only useful if 3rd-party
	support is available, and activating them may require setting
	a macro when c11n is built (see c11n_io.c and search for
	"C11N_IO_USE_" (without the quotes)).

	src/client = various client apps of libc11n, e.g. c11nconvert
	and test/sample applications.