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<h1>Downloading this code</h1>

There are two options for downloading. The first is to log in as the anonymous user and follow the [/leaves|/leaves link]. Then
find the top-most entry for the "trunk" branch and click that. From there,
you can download a zip file containing the latest checked-in source
code. Downloading code for non-trunk branches is not recommended, as branches are used primarily for experimental stuff. When a branch is considered to be useful/desirable then it is merged into the trunk.

Optionally, you can use [|fossil]:

# fossil clone \ \

(All on one line.)

That will copy the repository to cwal.fsl, which you can then open with:

~> mkdir cwal
~> cd cwal
~> fossil open ../cwal.fsl

That checks out the files under the current dir. A Makefile for GNU Make is included.

You can keep your copy up to day by pulling the latest changes:

~> fossil pull
~> fossil update
# If autosync is enabled (it is by default) then:
#  fossil update
# is all you need
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