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05:44 termbox tinkering. Leaf check-in: [b842c0609f] user: stephan tags: trunk
09:35 Fixes for ARM. Leaf check-in: [2f00dd9c34] user: calebg tags: s2_ffi
19:21 Adding a preliminary CMakeLists.txt for use in CLion.    Also changed the UNUSED_VAR macro to an UNUSED attribute which appears to be more widely adopted by compilers. Leaf check-in: [d834ba36b3] user: calebg tags: s2-ndebug
16:24 Oops, wrong spot. Leaf check-in: [0fdc8eac59] user: calebg tags: s2_ffi
13:43 Correctly disabled assert with NDEBUG and sprinkled even more UNUSED_VAR macros around. Leaf check-in: [ebf7545c0b] user: calebg tags: s2-ndebug
18:15 Added newly available build information to s2. Leaf check-in: [1dcbbc617f] user: calebg tags: cwal-ndebug
16:26 Removing NDEBUG and just using DEBUG to simplify sources. Leaf check-in: [a449dc869c] user: calebg tags: cwal-ndebug
15:43 Create new branch named "s2-ndebug" Leaf check-in: [d37811e148] user: calebg tags: s2-ndebug
16:36 merged in trunk, resolved conflicts. Leaf check-in: [9128a3b5d8] user: stephan tags: core-prop-interceptors
11:06 merged in trunk. Leaf check-in: [5bf4135942] user: stephan tags: s2-t10-e13n
11:06 merged in trunk, resolved conflicts (i hope - one of them was ugly). Leaf check-in: [b15b89624b] user: stephan tags: s2-array-of-int-op
10:45 oops - enabled one of the #if's which allows th1ish to continue to work (it was disabled while testing yesterday). Leaf check-in: [71969d4b29] user: stephan tags: th1ish-R.I.P.