Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 NfslLicense as yet undecided!
 CBufferA very thin varnish over fsl_buffer, the primary advantage being that it frees its memory when it destructs, so it's easier to keep exception-safe than a raw fsl_buffer
 CContextC++ counterpart of fsl_cx, but generally requires less code to use because it throws exceptions for any notable errors
 CTransactionA utility class for managing transactions for a Context-managed database (regardless of whether the checkout or repo db)
 CContextOStreamA std::ostream which redirects its output to the output channel configured for a fsl_cx instance
 CContextOStreamBufA std::streambuf impl which redirects a std::streambuf to fsl_output()
 CDbC++ counterpart to fsl_db
 CTransactionA utility to simplify db transaction lifetimes
 CDeckThe C++ counterpart to the C-side fsl_deck class
 CFCardIteratorAn STL-style iterator class for use with traversing the F-cards in a Deck object
 CTCardIteratorAn iterator type for traversing lists of T-cards (tags) in a deck
 CExceptionThe base exception type used by the API
 CFslListIteratorA utility class for iterating over fsl_list instances
 CFslOutputFStreamThis std::ostream subclass which proxies a fsl_output_f() implementation, sending all output to that function
 CFslOutputFStreamBufA std::streambuf impl which redirects a std::streambuf to a fsl_output_f()
 COOMExceptionOut-of-memory exception
 CStmtA prepared statement, the C++ counterpart to fsl_stmt
 CStmtBinderA utility class for binding values to statements
 Cfcli_help_arg_tDescribes help text for an application flag
 Cfcli_help_tStructure for holding app-level –help info
 Cfcli_tThe fcli_t type, accessed by clients via the fcli global instance, contains various data for managing a basic Fossil SCM application build using libfossil
 CFossilCommandDescribes a named callback command
 Cfsl_allocatorHolds an allocator function and its related state
 Cfsl_branch_optHolds options for use with fsl_branch_create()
 Cfsl_bufferA general-purpose buffer class, analog to Fossil v1's Blob class, but it is not called fsl_blob to avoid confusion with DB-side blobs
 Cfsl_card_FRepresents one file entry in a Manifest/Control Artifact (i.e., a checkin version)
 Cfsl_card_JRepresents a J card in a Ticket Control Artifact
 Cfsl_card_QRepresents a Q card in a Manifest or Control Artifact
 Cfsl_card_TRepresents a tag in a Manifest or Control Artifact
 Cfsl_checkin_optParameters for fsl_checkin_commit()
 Cfsl_commit_hookPotential TODO
 Cfsl_config_ctrlHolds metadata for fossil-defined configuration settings
 Cfsl_confirmerA helper type which wraps a fsl_confirmation_f() and its state into one object
 Cfsl_cxThe main Fossil "context" type
 Cfsl_cx_configA part of the configuration used by fsl_cx_init() and friends
 Cfsl_cx_init_optParameters for fsl_cx_init()
 Cfsl_dbDb handle wrapper class
 Cfsl_deckA "deck" stores (predictably enough) a collection of "cards." Cards are constructs embedded within Fossil's Control Artifacts to denote various sorts of changes in a Fossil repository, and a Deck encapsulates the cards for a single Control Artifact of an arbitrary type, e.g
 Cfsl_errorA container for storing generic error state
 Cfsl_finalizerGeneric interface for memory finalizers
 Cfsl_fstatA simple wrapper around the stat(2) structure resp
 Cfsl_id_bagA container type for lists of db record IDs
 Cfsl_lib_configurable_tThis type, accessible to clients via the fsl_lib_configurable global, contains configuration-related data for the library which can be swapped out by clients
 Cfsl_listGeneric list container type
 Cfsl_md5_cxHolds state for MD5 calculations
 Cfsl_outputerAn interface which encapsulates data for managing an output destination, primarily intended for use with fsl_output()
 Cfsl_pathA utility type for collecting "paths" between two checkin versions
 Cfsl_path_nodeHolds information for a single node in a path of checkin versions
 Cfsl_pathfinderThe "Path Finder" class is a utility class for searching the filesystem for files matching a set of common prefixes and/or suffixes (i.e
 Cfsl_repo_create_optConfiguration parameters for fsl_repo_create()
 Cfsl_repo_extract_stateCallback state for use with fsl_repo_extract_f() implementations to stream a given version of a repository's file's, one file at a time, to a client
 Cfsl_sha1_cxHolds state for SHA1 calculations
 Cfsl_stateGeneric state-with-finalizer holder
 Cfsl_stmtRepresents a prepared statement handle
 Cfsl_timer_stateState for the fsl_timer_xxx() family of functions
 Cfsl_zip_writerA utility class for creating ZIP-format archives