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 fcli (formerly FossilApp)fcli (formerly FossilApp) provides a small framework for bootstrapping simple libfossil applications which only need a single fsl_cx instance managing a single checkout and/or repository
 Fossil TerminologySee also:
 High-level API OverviewThe primary end goals of this project are to eventually cover the following feature areas:
 Porting ChecklistAn overview of what library-level features are implemented and what's left to do..
 Fossil is/is not...Through porting the main fossil application into library form, the following things have become very clear (or been reinforced)..
 Threads and FossilIt is strictly illegal to use a given fsl_cx instance from more than one thread
 Creating ArtifactsA brief overview of artifact creating using this API
 DB TransactionsThe fsl_db_transaction_begin() and fsl_db_transaction_end() functions implement a basic form of recursive transaction, allowing the library to start and end transactions at any level without having to know whether a transaction is already in progress (sqlite3 does not natively support nested transactions)
 Code ConventionsProject and Code Conventions..
 Fossil Architecture OverviewAn introduction to the Fossil architecture