fsl_config_ctrl Struct Reference

Holds metadata for fossil-defined configuration settings. More...

#include "fossil-confdb.h"

Data Fields

char const * def
 Default value. More...
char const * name
 Name of the setting. More...
char const * var
 Historical (fossil(1)) internal variable name used by db_set(). More...
int versionable
 Is this setting versionable? More...
int width
 Historical (HTML UI). More...

Detailed Description

Field Documentation

char const* fsl_config_ctrl::def

Default value.

Definition at line 277 of file fossil-confdb.h.

char const* fsl_config_ctrl::name

Name of the setting.

Definition at line 260 of file fossil-confdb.h.

char const* fsl_config_ctrl::var

Historical (fossil(1)) internal variable name used by db_set().

Not currently used by this impl.

Definition at line 265 of file fossil-confdb.h.

int fsl_config_ctrl::versionable

Is this setting versionable?

Definition at line 273 of file fossil-confdb.h.

int fsl_config_ctrl::width

Historical (HTML UI).

Width of display. 0 for boolean values.

Definition at line 269 of file fossil-confdb.h.

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