fsl_md5_cx Struct Reference

Holds state for MD5 calculations. More...

#include "fossil-hash.h"

Data Fields

fsl_uint32_t bits [2]
fsl_uint32_t buf [4]
unsigned char in [64]
int isInit

Detailed Description

Holds state for MD5 calculations.

It is intended to be used like this:

unsigned char digest[16];
char hex[FSL_MD5_STRLEN+1];
// alternately: fsl_md5_init(&cx); fsl_md5_update(&cx,...) any number of times to
...incrementally calculate the hash.
fsl_md5_final(&cx, digest); // ends the calculation
// digest now contains the raw 16-byte MD5 digest.
// hex now contains the 32-byte MD5 + a trailing NUL

Definition at line 80 of file fossil-hash.h.

Field Documentation

fsl_uint32_t fsl_md5_cx::bits[2]

Definition at line 83 of file fossil-hash.h.

fsl_uint32_t fsl_md5_cx::buf[4]

Definition at line 82 of file fossil-hash.h.

unsigned char fsl_md5_cx::in[64]

Definition at line 84 of file fossil-hash.h.

int fsl_md5_cx::isInit

Definition at line 81 of file fossil-hash.h.

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