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History of f-apps/f-acat.c

[e1a30ebc4a] part of check-in [a2cbd2e343] Globally changes the API docs from fossil/sqlite-style '**' to Doxygen-friendly format because the extra stars hinder writability/changability and require an extra filter at the doxygen-processing level. (user: stephan branch: trunk)
Renamed from f-acat.c [b17cf4fd5b] part of check-in [e85b45eda2] Build cleanups. Moved f-* apps to f-apps/ subdir. Now builds a shared (instead of static) lib by default because that now (since the file move) simplifies the linking of the f-apps (and th1ish). Adapted f-sanity.c tests to the new directory structure. (user: stephan branch: trunk)