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Downloading this code

There are two options for downloading. The first is to log in as the anonymous user and follow /leaves link, then find the top-most entry for the "trunk" branch and click that. From there, you can download a zip file containing the latest checked-in source code. Downloading code for non-trunk branches is not recommended, as branches are used primarily for experimental stuff. When a branch is considered to be useful/desirable then it is merged into the trunk.

Optionally, you can use fossil:

# fossil clone \ \

(All on one line.)

That will copy the repository to libfossil.fsl, which you can then open with:

~> mkdir libfossil
~> cd libfossil
~> fossil open ../libfossil.fsl

That checks out the files under the current dir. The canonical build requires GNU Make. Contributions of build files for other platforms would be appreciated. Its "configure" process uses the same tools as Fossil(1).

You can keep your copy up to day by pulling the latest changes:

~> fossil pull
~> fossil update
# If autosync is enabled (it is by default) then the 'pull' is not needed