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15:15 latest s2 for ARM platform fixes. Leaf check-in: [e961eb1201] user: stephan tags: trunk
14:57 perverse over-use of comma operator in conditional of while statement boggled valgrind's mind; converted to equivalent steps in body with a break; to please it. It's more understandable this way by humans as well. Leaf check-in: [3104155e44] user: dave tags: feech-VerSetVtblXtnCbk
17:08 transaction support of versioned settings passed all tests, so integrating into 'dave'. Will make new feature branch for 'optional change callback' support. Leaf check-in: [616500affb] user: dave tags: dave
21:13 take advantage of new configure test operation (cc-check-linkability). Leaf check-in: [731f828b21] user: bch tags: bsd_cfg
18:54 Created branch [lib-generated-branch]. Leaf check-in: [74926a02e4] user: stephan tags: lib-generated-branch