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15:15 latest s2 for ARM platform fixes. Leaf check-in: [e961eb1201] user: stephan tags: trunk
19:34 Added s2_amalgamation.o to the link step for, without which you get a bunch of undefined symbols, at least on OS X. Closed-Leaf check-in: [781346a2e4] user: tangent tags: os-x-fixes
19:58 Added -fPIC to CPPFLAGS in s2/Makefile, without which it won't link on FreeBSD Closed-Leaf check-in: [164d5552e8] user: tangent tags: freebsd-10-fixes
14:57 perverse over-use of comma operator in conditional of while statement boggled valgrind's mind; converted to equivalent steps in body with a break; to please it. It's more understandable this way by humans as well. Leaf check-in: [3104155e44] user: dave tags: feech-VerSetVtblXtnCbk
17:08 transaction support of versioned settings passed all tests, so integrating into 'dave'. Will make new feature branch for 'optional change callback' support. Leaf check-in: [616500affb] user: dave tags: dave
00:11 bug in 'rollback' processing; when encountering an unmodified setting, would not skip it, and would infinite loop Closed-Leaf check-in: [35d3266b60] user: dave tags: feech-settingsvirtualtabletransactionsupport
01:22 added support for 'non-multi-var settings' (most settings, actually), which inhibits list processing (i.e. doing comma/newline normalization). Also made alteration to VC6 project file to suppress warnings about sqlite3.c. Closed-Leaf check-in: [201339bcc3] user: dave tags: feech-versionedsettingsupport
07:58 minor; a warning is issued by gcc when it couldn't figure out if a variable might be used before it is initialized. It is not, so I redundantly initialized it to avoid the warning. Closed-Leaf check-in: [2a1b0091d2] user: dave tags: feech-dave-msvcsupport001
21:13 take advantage of new configure test operation (cc-check-linkability). Leaf check-in: [731f828b21] user: bch tags: bsd_cfg
20:04 since use of sqlite3BtreeSetMmapLimit() is conditional, make declaration/definition conditional too, to fix compilation warnings of unused functions. Closed-Leaf check-in: [a9263730f2] user: bch tags: sqlite3_repair
21:42 toupper() requires int, tbuf[x] returns char; cast for correctness Closed-Leaf check-in: [9a31676b61] user: bch tags: bch
18:54 Created branch [lib-generated-branch]. Leaf check-in: [74926a02e4] user: stephan tags: lib-generated-branch
16:23 started on a gzip stream, but it turns out the code i took from fossil for this only works if whole inputs are gzipped at once, so am puting this aside for now. Closed-Leaf check-in: [a4fc7ee1df] user: stephan tags: gzip-stream
13:03 Created branch [lib-generated-branch]. Closed-Leaf check-in: [202d32385c] user: stephan tags: lib-generated-branch
12:00 Created branch [lib-generated-branch]. Closed-Leaf check-in: [4f7adc44d9] user: stephan tags: lib-generated-branch
17:10 A number of minor tweaks (e.g. more cached statements), refactoring of fsl_cx internals. Closed-Leaf check-in: [1d59e4291a] user: stephan tags: untested-tinkering
08:54 Partial revert of the last commit (problem was the va_list/sizeof/snprintf() weirdness again). More experimentation with that particular problem - not sure why it's specific to sprintf(). Closed-Leaf check-in: [6df1e4338a] user: stephan tags: broke-r-card
15:17 added missing/removed FSL.OBJ def. Closed-Leaf check-in: [64fe4e398f] user: stephan tags: build
22:09 Refactored beforeBegin triggers to compile earlier and store the Statement handles. This provides better error handling/reporting options but disallows multi-statement triggers, so i am sidelining this for now but checking it in for later reference. Closed-Leaf check-in: [9d9375ac2d] user: stephan tags: beforeCommit-statements
19:30 "char used as index for array" error Closed-Leaf check-in: [97c2165235] user: bch tags: bch_hack
18:41 re-added the amalgamation build. Added a couple test assertions. Closed-Leaf check-in: [2a09c72c43] user: stephan tags: autosetup
15:33 Minor touchups and test code. Closed-Leaf check-in: [2634b9a151] user: stephan tags: attach-dbs
17:16 move source code to ./src dir Closed-Leaf check-in: [6c59afb005] user: bch tags: nbsd