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whefs API Documentation

The majority of the whefs documentation is in the form of API docs in the header files (they contain over 100kb of docs, as of 6 January 2009). While the API docs can be read as-is, they are easier to browse when they've been turned into HTML by using Doxygen. If you have doxygen installed you can build the public API docs by running:

~> make doxygen

If you'd like to get the API docs for the private/internal API as well as the public API, run:

~> make doxygen-hacker

Note that the private API is just that - private - and subject to change at any given time with no warning or deprecation period. It also doesn't contain the docs for internal static functions which live inside various .c files.

The build process will tell you what directory the output is in, and from there it can be opened with a browser. For example:

stephan@jareth:~/cvs/fossil/whefs$ make doxygen
Building docs from headers
Output should be in the directory 'libwhefs-20090106-doxygen-html'.
stephan@jareth:~/cvs/fossil/whefs$ firefox libwhefs-20090106-doxygen-html/index.html