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Page Name:TODO
Date: 2011-05-23 18:50:52
Original User: stephan
Parent: a7a9340905e60b32b0e7a37ce54bcd1b5f351b16

ACHTUNG: AS OF 20110523, THIS PAGE IS NOW MAINTAINED IN THE NEW WIKI: http://whiki.wanderinghorse.net/wikis/whio/?page=TODO

The Obligatory TODO List


  • Port in the optional mmap() support from libwhefs. That might speed it up on my netbook.


The whio_epfs' "namer" API is basically functional but i want to re-consider its policy of allowing "binary keys." i'm not so sure they'd be generically useful, and the hassle they cause for string keys (since we have to account extra for the terminating NULL byte) gives me a headache.