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Page Name:whio_epfs_label
Date: 2011-05-23 18:50:55
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See also: whio_epfs_tools


whio-epfs-label is a tool for getting or setting the label string associated with an EFS container. In addition to the common tools arguments, it supports the following arguments:

  • --label=string or -lstring sets the label to the given string.

Calling it without --label will print the current label to stdout.

The ls tool also lists the label in its output.

An EFS label is solely for client use - the EPFS engine does nothing with it.

The maximum length of a label is defined by the constant value whio_epfs_sizeof_label_payload, defined in whio_epfs.h. The default is "something like 64."


~> whio-epfs-label -l"$(date)" my.epfs 
~> whio-epfs-label my.epfs
Mon Feb 22 18:47:50 CET 2010