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13:08 removed old/unused makefile Leaf check-in: [28d5252557] user: stephan tags: trunk
13:40 initial, completely untested, draft of what a write-ahead-logger _might_ look like. Leaf check-in: [841a2775ef] user: stephan tags: wal
22:12 more m-t tinkering before bed. Still broken. Leaf check-in: [06a7ecbed1] user: stephan tags: epfs-mutex
17:38 initial sketch of what a transaction-aware whio_dev _might_ look like. Leaf check-in: [ea82b10cdc] user: stephan tags: whio_dev_journal
11:28 Finished(?) refactoring the handle/inode-linking bits. Overall it saves something like 16 bytes per handle for single-opened handles and much more (24-40?) for multi-opened ones.) Costs us one inode malloc() for the first handle opened for an inode, though. Closed-Leaf check-in: [2e80aeded7] user: stephan tags: handle-inode-link-refactoring
23:12 final update to this branch, just merging in a last(?) fix from the trunk. Closed-Leaf check-in: [8314375bcb] user: stephan tags: iomode-change
09:40 fixed a parallel build race condition (bin tried to link to lib before lib was finished). Closed-Leaf check-in: [516377330b] user: stephan
17:43 cannot believe this file has been missing from the tree for almost a year Closed-Leaf check-in: [f8d186681e] user: stephan