whio  whio_epfs_lock

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See also: whio_epfs_tools

whio-epfs-lock is a tool to assist in the testing of whio_epfs storage locking. No normal user will ever need it, but i get some use out of it.


~> ./whio-epfs-lock my.epfs
./whio-epfs-lock [my.epfs]: Trying to lock EFS open in r/o mode...
./whio-epfs-lock [my.epfs]: Holding EFS open in r/o mode. Tap ENTER to quit.

Use the -w flag to apply a read/write lock. The default is a read-only lock.

This does not lock the file itself, but opens the EFS with the normal whio_epfs API, a side-effect of which is that it will (if configured to do so) lock the storage.