Welcome to fossil.wanderinghorse.net, home to software development projects created or maintained by Stephan Beal. It gets its name from the fact that all of the projects it hosts are managed using the Fossil SCM. Initially set up in 2008, this domain is believed to be the oldest Fossil-dedicated site aside from Fossil's own canonical repository. This site is itself a fossil repository.


Any of the repositories hosted here can be cloned using fossil with:

$ fossil clone https://fossil.wanderinghorse.net/r/REPONAME

Collaborators are welcomed, so long as they're willing to work with fossil (github mirrors are not something i accommodate and i avoid git like the plague). If interested, please get in touch, noting that some "proof of intent" is required (e.g. patches or detailed feedback) unless we've collaborated together in the past.

Administrative contact: Stephan Beal