This repository contains the source code for the site and its related tools for the Zombicide franchise of tabletop games (the Classic/"Moderncide" ones, not Black Plague and such).

See also: the backend CGI bits are in their own repository:


There are some basic docs:

It's not yet clear whether the docs will stay there or whether they'll be ported over to this site. (There are trade-offs to be considered.)

Download and Run it Locally

This software can be run locally from any computer with a modern web browser (specifically, Chrome and Firefox), but requires an internet connection in order to load and save cards.

To download the current version, visit the /timeline page, click on the version number part of the top-most post (the link to the right of the "check-in:" text), and tap the "ZIP Archive" link. Simply unzip that file and open the included index.html with your browser.

Downloading with Fossil

This whole site is a Fossil SCM source code repository. To clone it:

fossil clone cide-site.fossil
mkdir cide-site
cd cide-site
fossil open ../cide-site.fossil

To pull the latest code from the server, run this from that directory:

fossil pull

Become a Contributor!

i am entirely open to having additional code contributors, but, unless i've collaborated with you before, i require some "proof of intent" before providing write access to the repo (e.g. one large patch, a couple smaller patches, or repeated feedback on the source code/CSS): just get in touch. That said: the code-level collaboration would happen here, not github. i despise git.

To get started, see *.html files in the top-most directory. Each one is a separate application. Most include a JS file with the same name and their common code/CSS is in zapp.js resp. zapp.css. Everything under the cide.d directory is "framework-level", and the main code for that is in cide.d/cide.js.