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History for f-apps/f-revert.c

typo file: [d094c1ee94] check-in: [d069d8d19f] user: bch branch: trunk, size: 3469
Moved fossil-scm/fossil.h to ../libfossil.h so that client code can build from both the canonical tree and amalgamation using the same include name. file: [73879f8e5f] check-in: [76d6359435] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 3469
More work on merge and adjacent code. Changed how fsl__ckout_clear_merge_state() works to attempt to enable partial reset when individual to-be-merged files are reverted. Whether the corresponding SQL is 100% semantically correct for the vmerge state remains to be seen, but so far, so good. See https://fossil-scm.org/forum/forumpost/f678085f79 for the discussion about those bits. file: [47e9d8304a] check-in: [4d88f6cbd6] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 3481
Removed some dangling debug output from f-revert. file: [274e89638b] check-in: [a8c009d569] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 3632
f-revert can now report an error when it is passed an unmanaged file name. It now requires, however, passing in the new name, instead of the original name, when reverting a rename. Removed f-revert's dependency on fossil-internal.h. file: [824749c637] check-in: [7dd883be5e] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 3706
Oops. file: [d191df56c3] check-in: [d4074d8d33] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 7875
Another constness tweak, a doc fix, and added a TODO to f-revert. file: [712f59a38c] check-in: [af29e33252] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 7873
Mass renaming of many internal APIs from fsl_X to fsl__X (two underscores) and several adjacent const cleanups. file: [a4fd25a09d] check-in: [83917b7b45] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 7391
Renamed fsl_vfile_load_from_rid() to fsl_vfile_load(). Added fsl_vfile_unload() and fsl_vfile_unload_except(). f-revert can now revert files to specific checkin versions while retaining the current checkout version. file: [7862831858] check-in: [40fcc816f0] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 7389
Minor f-apps updates. Reverted f-revert to using the filename variant of fsl_ckout_revert(), instead of the fsl_filename_to_vfile_ids() variant, because the former allows the user to revert renames using the old or new names, whereas the latter only sees the new names. Fixed a range error in fsl_stmt_bind_fmtv() when binding a string as blob, and that function's blob/string bindings no longer copy their arguments' memory. Changed fsl_stmt_bind_step() return semantics to enable fetching data. file: [e0bc58b0b8] check-in: [43d1902823] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 4147
fsl_ckout_revert() now optionally accepts a fsl_id_bag instead of a filename. Exposed fsl_filename_to_vfile_id(s)() to the public API. Added fcli_args_to_vfile_ids() and refactored f-revert to use that functionality. file: [0bfd006b09] check-in: [a527cc940a] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 3547
Refactored the remove-empty-dirs APIs a bit. Revert now tries to remove empty dirs of renames. Fixed path handling in revert - was using relative paths which only worked from the top of the tree. Added missing outer transaction in f-revert which could cause a failed revert to leave vfile in a partially-reverted state. file: [b7dc08e452] check-in: [62c2d986fb] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 3483
Changed fsl_ckout_revert() to take an options object and added scanForChanges option. fsl_vfile_to_ckout() now prefers to write to vfile.origname instead of vfile.pathname, but that change is up for re-evaluation. Changed fsl_ckout_changes_visit() to report edited-and-renamed files as edited instead of renamed because fossil does it that way. file: [c9a863f870] check-in: [2cf2cebe3d] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 3292
f-revert now requires at least one file/dir name, to avoid potential accidental data loss (since we have no undo support). file: [7d9bc85e69] check-in: [a465f04880] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 3141
Added: Added f-revert, analog to (fossil revert). Fixed f-rm to handle the filename '.' sensibly. Numerous tweaks in adjacent code along the way. file: [cee758a784] check-in: [8cc33e4e8a] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 2713