This repository is long-since unmaintained and the source code may or may not compile with modern compilers and dependent 3rd-party APIs.

whiki: a personal wiki management system

whiki (the WanderingHorse.net wiki) is basically a pure-JSON back-end for managing a wiki. All i/o in whiki (from CGI or the command-line) is in JSON. The intention is that JavaScript-based front-ends be written on top of it. It supports, as storage, sqlite3 and MySQLv5 databases.

whiki's documentation is in fact hosted in a whiki wiki:

You can find out much more about the project over there.

Author: Stephan Beal

Code State: new (born Easter Weekend, 2011) and very beta. All of the major functionality is there and working but we're still missing a couple important features.

License: the core library is released under a dual Public Domain/MIT license. The underlying parser code has a BSD-ish "keep this copyright in place" license with a "do no evil" subclause. (So you evildoers out there must replace the underlying parser before using this code. Optionally, you evildoers may use the output-only parts of this library as you wish, as those parts are not hindered by the "do no evil" clause.) If you link against MySQL then your copy is GPL'd (no way around that).

Downloading: See the download page.

This web site is a Fossil source code repository, containing the source code, a wiki, bug tracker, etc., for this project. To be able to download the code or use most of the hyperlinks on this site, you must click the /login link and log in as "anonymous" with the password shown on the screen. This is to avoid that bots download every version of every file in the repository, or traverse the whole history of every source file.