ACHTUNG: THIS SITE'S ENTIRE WIKI IS NOW MAINTAINED IN THE NEW WIKI: https://fossil.wanderinghorse.net/wikis/cson/. What that means is that the wiki documentation on this site is now considered unmaintained. However, this site is still cson's home for purposes other than the wiki.

Welcome to cson, a C API for working with JSON data

cson (pronounced "season") is a C library providing an object-oriented API for working with JSON data. cson is the genetic step-brother (if that makes any sense) of libnosjob, and its overall model is similar to that library's.

Code State: seems to work as advertised/documented.

License: the core library is released under a dual Public Domain/MIT license. The underlying parser code has a BSD-ish "keep this copyright in place" license with a "do no evil" subclause. (So you evildoers out there must replace the underlying parser before using this code. Optionally, you evildoers may use the output-only parts of this library as you wish, as those parts are not hindered by the "do no evil" clause.)

Author: Stephan Beal

Downloading: See the download page.

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