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Welcome to cpdo, a database access abstraction library for C

cpdo is a database access abstraction API written in C and modeled heavily after the PHP PDO API.

This web site is a Fossil source code repository, containing the source code, bug tracker, etc., for this project. As of 2011-May-17, the wiki is maintained at a separate site.

To be able to download the code or use most of the hyperlinks on this site, you must click the /login link and log in as "anonymous" with the password shown on the screen. This is to avoid that bots download every version of every file in the repository, or traverse the whole history of every source file.

Code State: "functional enough for use", with only a few (possibly) relevant bits missing, but young and beta, only lightly tested "in the wild." The cpdo_sqlite3 and cpdo_mysql5 drivers seem to work as expected, but the API stills needs a few finishing touches. (As of April 2011, the cson project makes use of cpdo to create JSON data and store persistent application session data.)

License: the core library is released under a dual Public Domain/MIT license, free for any use without legal restrictions. Specific drivers may have arbitrary licenses, likely inherited from the underlying 3rd-party driver. (i've actually seen people release MySQL-based code as Public Domain, BSD, or under some other non-viral terms. If you don't think that's odd then go read the GNU GPL v2 a few times.)

Author: Stephan Beal

Downloading: See the download page.


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