s2 Scripting Engine

s2 Scripting Engine

s2: cwal's 2nd1 Scripting Language

s2 is documented in a gratuitous amount of detail in:

creatively called s1, was a throwaway prototype, never intended to do anything more than act as an experiment. The second language, th1ish, was TCL-inspired and had a pretty good run before a couple of major, deep-seated design mistakes were discovered relatively late in the process and it was abandoned in favor of... s2. The name s3 was not used because that's the name of a computer chip manufacturer. Should there ever be a "next" language for cwal, it will likely be called s4, or maybe (as suggested by Caleb) sewal: Scripting Enging With a Language, as a hat tip to cwal, the Scripting Engine Without a Language.

  1. ^ s2 is actually cwal's third scripting language. The first one,