Dark Venture Card Tools

See also: download instructions, documentation (requires JavaScript)

This repository houses tools for creating custom cards for use with the Dark Venture adventure tabletop game:


Specifically, these tools support creating custom Side Quest and Heroic Quest cards using HTML, which can then be printed out and sleeved alongside the game's existing cards to add more content to the game. Note that this project does not (and will not) provide card backs, so it's up to the user to figure out how to deal with that.

If you would like to contribute custom quests, please post them in the above BGG thread or feel free to contact me directly. If you're comfortable using the Fossil SCM, we can also set you up with direct access to the source repository.

Several example cards can be seen in sidequests.html and heroicquests.html.

My thanks to Rob Lemon, creator and artist of Dark Venture, for his extensive assistance in getting these up and running.

Documentation on using these tools can be found in the manual (requires JavaScript).


The more notable TODOs:

These tools are largely based off of similar efforts for other games:

Alas, those were implemented when free time and energy were in tremendous abundance, which is no longer the case, so it seems unlikely that these tools will get quite that level of treatment.


This repository is maintained by Stephan Beal.