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PDF==>PNG script now appends the page number to the filename, to facilitate batch-processing multiple pages. file: [d2a3e112f3] check-in: [b5e8e87ade] user: stephan branch: morbad-markup, size: 2693
PDF==>SVG==>PNG script now keeps the trimmed SVG. file: [36fd6ebfc6] check-in: [434d041bc7] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 2707
Load the dominican fonts earlier on in the pages to try to avoid avoid massive flicker (seems to work). Late-stage JS (i think that's a real disorder) will *also* load them, but we can hope the browser cache is smart enough to Do The Right Thing there. Edit: also made a couple font optimization operations asychronous to try to work around a timing issue where the calculation cannot complete reliably. file: [5767bc3466] check-in: [1a2b44470f] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 2587
Initial porting/cleanup from the private repo. Continued development will happen in this public repo. file: [ab65dd0e0f] check-in: [c088dfe244] user: stephan branch: trunk, size: 2566 Added